Restaurants and Bars – Marketing During COVID-19

20 January 2021

We recently published a Facebook post that received a fair amount of traction. Unfortunately, I fell into the trap of focusing on a few negative comments. The post was about Generating Content Ideas for Restaurants and Bars. The comments became quite colourful, quite quickly!

We anticipated some potential backlash

When we recently started distributing video and articles around digital marketing in the hospitality sector, we anticipated some potential backlash. To say things are tough within this space is a massive understatement. We continually try to be empathetic of others during this time. Of course, we are suppliers to the industry; we have felt the effects first hand. However, others have been affected way more significantly. We’re fully aware that some situations are incredibly challenging, almost impossible due to the effects of covid-19.


“Are you not aware of what’s actually going on here!”

The comment above made my advice seem rather insignificant. I had this vision of a venue manager in my mind’s eye, sat in their bar, all the lights switched off, there are no customers, head in their hands in complete despair. I then switch to myself, banging on about keyword tools! Like the Google Keyword Planner has all the answers to this absolute Shitshow!

After a moment of doubt, I revert to the fact that publishing images, text and video to people’s phones is all that we’ve got right now! The phone is where people’s attention is, whether we like it or not! Businesses like hospitality have lost that face-to-face contact with people! That’s all gone! The phone is all we have.

‍‍connect via mobile

Publishing images, text and video to people’s phones is all that we’ve got right now!

Some people are right on the edge, very close to giving up, but what is the alternative? We stop publishing and risk being forgotten?

Hospitality will bounce back!

I believe that hospitality will bounce back, in a different format for sure, but it’s essential to stay engaged with your community during these lockdowns and closures. You’ve probably worked hard to build up that presence online, across your multiple channels. More than ever, it’s vital to utilise those channels to engage with your community to ensure you’re remembered when those doors do open back up.

The team here are not interested in providing content marketing as a service! We aim to share marketing tips and tactics, for you to work them into your routine and improve your business after what was a pretty horrendous 2020.‍

Hospitality will bounce back!
Hospitality will bounce back!

Keep plugging away. I’ll end on a quote I saw on a post by Andy Grimsey, Poppleston Allen.

We are all presently living in uncanney valley. The brighter uplands will come and there will be a party the like of which the world has not seen since the ‘roaring 20’s’. The licenses and authorisations you have earned with your previous efforts will entitle you to reap some of the benefits of that party. A party in the real world, with real friends, at real venues.

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