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24social is the ultimate way to create engaging content, across any channel from one single place.

Getting online and promoting content is critical for sustaining and growing your business, that’s why we created 24social. We’ve created the perfect content platform for hospitality marketing teams, content creators, business owners and venue managers.

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A central content repository that’s not tied to any one system

We’ve built a central content hub that’s not tied to any system at all. Simplify how you deliver menus, events, deals, promotions and much more across the most popular social networks as well as your own custom websites or apps! Our API technology live updates data across your company channels in real time. You can now manage, tag, order and edit your content with ease.

Send campaigns across multiple channels with ease

Having engaging and relevant content is the most important thing when making an impact with your audience. Use our platform to master your content and push it out to any digital channel. Deliver a consistent message using our campaign building tools.

Content Repository


Spinning up a new hospitality brands

Creating new brand and venue websites is fast and simple, making it easier for you to get online and start selling!

Increase pre-sale of tickets, booths, tables, food and drink

Watch online table reservations increase as a result of having well managed, dynamic, modern websites that provide users with consistent and engaging offers and promotions.

Powerful integrations

We’ve included a range of powerful integrations that contribute to a fast and flexible, cutting-edge software solution for your business. A 24booking facility is on the roadmap, however, we believe in giving you the choice of partner when it comes to integrating booking into your websites. We therefore have plans to provide booking integrations with Collins, Tonic, Fatsoma, OpenTable and Book-a-table. Other integrations we’ve performed in the past include Google Analyics and Tableau for advanced reporting as well as various CRM and EPOS solutions.


Understand how your content is performing to improve your engagement

It’s vital for marketers to understand how their content is performing. We give you an insightful visualisation into how each channel is responding. By learning and what works well and segmenting groups by behaviour, you can be sure to engage your customers with personalised results. 24social provides powerful data output into analytics solutions like Google and Tableau, giving you unparalleled insights into the effectiveness of your marketing.

24social directory

Reach more people with our brand new directory website

We’re also introducing Our new directory website built specifically for giving your customers the easiest way to make a booking at any of your venues. 24social curates content leading customers towards your venue. Simply sign up to the platform, list your venue for free and get the benefits of having your brand appear on blogs, search results, social media and the 24 website, all without having to lift a finger!

Fast on-boarding

Feel like trying out 24social? Onboarding multiple venues is more straightforward than you might think, we have a team that’s dedicated to providing a seamless migration onto the platform.

A team that’s dedicated to development of features and first class support

Our team have been supporting the needs of the hospitality industry for over a decade and we provide on-going support to help you make the most of the new tools at your disposal. Our agile product team carefully manages a roadmap of exciting new features released onto the system regularly. We’re constantly speaking with our contacts in hospitality to help shape the roadmap and evolve the product.

24social is the easiest way to find your customers, and for your customers to find you.

We can’t wait for you to try it!

Cutting edge, impressive! But what does that actually mean?


Let’s talk tech!

Our solutions are built from the ground up with Next.js, a powerful enterprise grade framework built around React powering hybrid static & server rendering for optimal speed, reliability and performance.

Hosted on the cloud platform Vercel, built by the creators of Next.js specifically optimised for the framework itself. Vercel provides instant deployments, automatic scaling, cloud functions, all on top of the Vercel Edge Network responsible for routing requests to the correct Serverless Function or Static File with speed.

Our platform is held together by NX, a system of extensible tools for monorepos helping architect, test, and build at any scale — integrating seamlessly with modern technologies and libraries while providing a robust CLI, caching, dependency management, and more. We have automated testing processes and continuous integration built in.

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