How to script YouTube Videos

3 February 2021

Ever clicked on a YouTube video and found yourself experiencing someone banging on about something that doesn’t really go anywhere!? Too many videos are delivered without enough thought, and just kind of float around providing no value and having no particular start, middle or end. We’re going to give you a 10 part video script as a guide on how to script YouTube videos.

Do you really need a script for your YouTube Videos?

By all means freestyle if that’s what you want to do! Personally, I feel like there’s more chance of producing a successful video if I either create an outline or a script. Let’s look at the difference between the two.


  • Typically a 1 page document that lists a number of bullet points.
  • The bullet points ensure that I cover all the main talking pointing of any given topic.
  • Many feel that using an outline rather than a script results in something that feels more conversational.
  • Can help bring out your personality
  • It’s much quicker to create a list of bullet points than to write a script word for word


  • A detailed document that contains everything that’s going to be said in the video – word for word.
  • Possibly good if you’re just starting out and getting used to being on camera.
  • Slows down the video production process, hard if going weekly on YouTube.
  • The shoot could take longer if you’re trying to be word perfect.
  • Maybe consider a teleprompter to prevent you continually looking down at the script

Personally, I use a mix of the two. Generally I use an outline however, The Hook and the CTAs (see above) are nearly always written out word for word because they’re so important. Whatever route you take be patient with yourself 🙂 Whether you go for a script OR an outline, you definitely need these 10 elements. So lets take a look at how to script YouTube videos!

How to script YouTube Videos – 10 steps


01 Hook

A quick summary at the start. Within 10-20second you need to hook that person into the video by exciting them about what’s coming. Grab their attention and heighten their curiosity about what’s to come. I script this word for word.

02 Establish Brand / Identity

Create yourself a logo sting, something glossy to establish your brand and signify the start to the juicy stuff.

03 Ask them to Subscribe

Not suggesting that you have to do this, BUT If you ask them to subscribe make sure you tell them why they should subscribe! For example, I often say the following…

‘If you’re looking to create better content, with more creativity and less hassle, then please subscribe’

I don’t just ask them to subscribe!

04: The extended introduction

This is where you expand upon the hook. What’s the promise of the video? What will the viewer go away with and where is the value for them? Again, this will encourage them to keep watching.

05: The main body of the topic

  • Make sure your video provides VALUE this is the MOST important thing. It’s not about you, it’s about what you can provide the viewer.
  • They need to leave either entertained, inspired or educated (or both)
  • Use bullet points and lots of examples (if instructional)
  • Use graphics and animation where you feel.
  • When presenting speak in plain English, be yourself. If your doing this weekly it will get tiring pretending to be someone else!
  • If it’s not exactly instructional, then make it entertaining. Making sure your video contains a story with a clear start, middle and end.
  • If you are teaching someone don’t get caught up in the features before you explain the benefits. This again reverts back to being clear where the value is in your information.
  • Cut out any waffle and get to the point.

06: The Summary

This is a quick summary of what they’ve done told so far. In a way we’ve kinda applied the classic ‘Tell Them Statements’

  • Tell them what you are going to tell them
  • Tell them
  • Tell them what you told them

07: Leave a comment

The algorithm is always looking for is engagement. Many creators encourage viewers to show signs of engagement by asking them to leave a comment giving their thoughts on the video or specific elements within the video.

08: Actions

Consider giving the viewer a list of actions to take away with them. Encouraging them to put what they’ve learnt into practise, demonstrates that the information you’ve provide is tangible and immediately actionable.

09: Call to Action (CTA)

This is your chance, as the presenter, to promote whatever action you what them to take next. You might ask them to watch another of your videos, sign up to a course or maybe to  subscribe to the channel.

10: Closing

A lot of people get this wrong. It’s very important that you have a short outro. The viewer will go looking elsewhere for the next video, if they get even the slightest impression that your video is ending. Therefore, you don’t want to start closing until your End Screens appear as these encourage the viewer to say on your channel, which will definintely increase your view time and impress the algorithm!

how to create youtube video


01 The Hook
02 Establish Brand / Identity
03 Subscribe, but give them a reason
04 The extended introduction
05 The main body of the topic
06 The Summary (Tell them what you told them)
07 Leave a comment
08 Actions
09 Call to Action
10 Closing

So, if you’re writing an outline then simply create bullet points under each of those headings. If you’re writing a script then the headings and the structure should remain the same, however you’ll have paragraphs under each telling you what to say word for word throughout the video.

A few bonus tips for your YouTube Videos

  • Intermediate Hooks – I’m not always keen but some do. Example – ‘make sure you watch to the end for some bonus tips!’
  • Cards – Suggest your other videos via cards throughout the video to keep people on your channel. A great way to keep them on your channel even if they’re not connecting with the current video they’re watching.
  • Plan the shoot – You can make notes about what shots you need to gather with the camera, or maybe what screen recordings you need to make if it’s instructional.
  • Dream the BRoll – Whilst writing my outline I’m often dreaming up BRoll sequences or pieces of animation that I need to prepare. Again, you can make a notes of these.
  • Lead into your other videos – Try to make sure you lead them into another of your videos so that they remain on your channel.
  • The magic number – Many believe that 10 minutes is the sweet spot for duration.
  • Newbie? Keep them short – If new channel maybe videos should be shorter as you’ve not won the confidence for people to watch long videos.
  • How frequent? – Try and post each week however if you cannot produce quality each week then every two or three weeks will be okay.
  • Upload schedule – Let the viewer know within each video how and when you content will be released.

Thanks for checking out our article on ‘How to Script YouTube Videos’. Of course, before you write an outline or a script you need to think of a topic to cover. Choosing the right topic is incredibly important. Get it wrong and everything else is a waste of time. You need to choose topics that are in demand and being actively searched for. There’s a number of techniques and tools to help you with this. Read our article and watch our video that covers this in detail – Content Marketing – Topics and Ideas. It’s written for bars and restaurants but actually applies to most businesses.

Please also visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel, for advice on better content creation.

Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels

Photo by from Pexels

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