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How to manage and promote bars and restaurants at scale

16 December 2020

24social – A new way for bars and restaurants to manage and promote their venues at scale

Managing digital hospitality at scale is one of the toughest challenges in our industry.

We’ve been providing the hospitality industry with popular, widely used systems for more than fifteen years. We understand the kind of problems that managers frequently run into when trying to manage and market venues at scale. When you work with clients for as long as we have, you get used to seeing the same issues cropping up.

That’s why we’re introducing 24social. It’s a new all-in-one platform for the hospitality industry, which scales up and down seamlessly so that it’s equally useful and intuitive whether you’re running one venue, ten venues or one hundred venues.

We want to help you captivate your customers. We want to free you up from the day-to-day admin of online venue management so you’re free to be agile and creative with your business. We want you to be able to think about the future, rather than focusing on keeping a load of plates spinning in the air. We want to provide an easy way for you and your customers to find each other, and for you and your customers to enjoy a frictionless booking process that takes out the hassle and stress.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the difficulties the hospitality industry knows all too well, then let’s work together to get them solved…

The challenges of managing hospitality at scale

Managing websites and apps

Do you use a big, bespoke engineered system to run all your venues? Many hospitality professionals who use such systems say they find them unwieldy and confusing, difficult to manage and hugely time-consuming to train someone else up on. The more venues you acquire, the more these problems grow. What’s more, they can be very expensive. Take a look at the list of features that come with the platform you’re using – in a given month, how often do you use all of these?

Once you start to expand and have to juggle the needs of multiple venues, you may find yourself bogged down in hospitality websites, apps and platforms. If this becomes too resource-intensive a problem, you may find that it affects your customers’ experience all the way across your business, negatively impacting sales.

Managing social media and email

Then there’s the issue of marketing. Anyone who is faced with the task of marketing multiple venues probably also has a familiar set of headaches. Distributing content across all your different channels can be a real challenge. If you take central control of all content, it’s a huge time-sink, while if you delegate it out to individual venues, there’s a risk that their messaging won’t be aligned with your broader marketing goals.

Quality and consistency of content

All this can result in the consistency, quality and tone of content varying massively across your organisation tarnishing your brand. It can also be much harder to measure impact – with your current systems, do you know in detail what content is working for your customers, and why?

Saving money in uncertain times

The hospitality industry has always been ultra-competitive, but these are exceptionally difficult times. You can’t afford to have your business weighed down by the time and costs of multiple systems that don’t make your venues easier to run.

You want things to be streamlined, simple. You want everything you need to manage your venues to be in one place, easy to view at a glance. Managing bookings posting content to venue sites and creating new digital homes for new venues as you add them to your portfolio should be simple, affordable and easy.

You need 24social.

The solution – 24social

24social is a do-it-all digital platform for the hospitality industry, for pubs, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and more. It’s designed to make your life simpler and your business run faster, freeing you up to think creatively and spend more time engaging with your customers, allowing you to manage your venues and your brand with the same simple, intuitive platform.

So, what exactly do you get? 24social give you the ability to:

  • Manage content with powerful APIs
    Creating content for anything has never been simpler. Create template types and specify exactly what content is needed whether that’s images, headings, video and more.- easily push content out to websites, apps, social channels or email lists.
    Once you’ve created your content, choose the channels you want to publish to and watch our API’s live update information across all your customer touchpoints.
  • Manage your digital asset library
    The fundamental benefit of our platform is that you can manage at scale. This is sometimes hard to achieve but we ensure that you have control of what is published in exactly the right place, the fastest way.
  • Put together websites for new venues
    Websites should be easy to change, fast to create and most of all, easy to use for the customer. We tick all of these boxes by enabling you to create your own website using the same data found on your directory page.
  • Handle table and booth bookings
    By enabling third party integrations into our directory, you can continue taking bookings with your favourite tools whilst reaching even more customers than ever before.

Built with modern technology

Agility is the name of the game. 24social is underpinned with the latest technologies to give you data instantly, with no load times or lag. The dashboard design is focused on providing the smoothest possible user experience, with batch site-editing, easy permission-management and intuitive content-sharing all at your fingertips.

Save Money?

We know the last thing you want in challenging times is another drain on your budget. That’s why 24social is competitively and flexibly priced, with one monthly per-venue cost, so it scales with your business. The ecosystem you get for the price includes everything – the directory, content publishing and bookings tools, so you don’t have to worry about hidden costs, or about missing out on top-line features. We’re keeping things simple, transparent, and focused on you and your business. That’s the bottom line of 24social.

Who we are

The team behind 24social have masterminded digital products for some of the biggest names in UK hospitality. We’ve built solutions for a host of brands, including Slug & Lettuce, Walkabout, Yates, Pryzm and dozens more. We understand what this industry needs, and we’re passionate about providing it.

We’re committed to helping the hospitality industry work at scale, and we think we’ve cracked it with 24social. If you want your business to be more agile and creative, and you’d like to hear more, sign up below to join the list for priority access at launch.

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