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10 January 2021

Creating great content takes time, and it’s a complete waste of time if your content achieves very little because you chose the wrong topic! Another article that looks at Content Marketing for Restaurants and Bars.

You might have the best camera or be gifted with the ability to write beautifully and eloquently. You might be a whizz in the edit suite or be a creative genius that produces engaging visuals with ease. HOWEVER, if you choose a topic that brings little value to the audience, then everything else is irrelevant. Indeed, if the topic isn’t popular or in demand, then the algorithms will pick up on this, and your content will possibly only reach a small handful of people.

This article aims to help you create an endless stream of content ideas, but not only that – the ideas will be based on logic! Topics that you can be sure are in demand by merely using a few simple tools and techniques. Of course, you should be free to express yourself about whatever you wish, but most of the tips in this article assume that you want to reach more people and grow.

A Quick Look AT My Workflow

I’m going to create a blog post, then turn this into a video and maybe even a podcast. Finally, I’ll then dissect this into posts for Instagram and Facebook.

Content Marketing for Restaurants and Bars

5 different ways to quickly make sure you’re choosing your topics wisely.

01: Choose a Proven Topic

How do we know in advance which content ideas get a response from people? The answer is quite simple. Look at what else is already out there and performing well. Study it and then produce your improved version of this. Don’t just rip it off, but do look closely at how it’s been produced. Make sure you add value, come at it from a different angle, maybe add more detail or simplify it to make it more digestible. If the piece of content you produce is of a high standard, it’s now very likely to perform well for you, because it’s based on a proven topic!

Of course, you can look for proven topics across a range of blogs and social networks including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You’re just looking for content ideas achieve a high level of response from people.

02: Groups

If you own a bar or restaurant, then I think it’s essential to be part of a Facebook Group within your town. Coming up with content ideas based on what people are already talking about is a great way to ensure you’re delivering valuable content. Of course, you have groups on several social networks, including Facebook and LinkedIn. Review the various discussions, again looking for topics that are getting the most traction. Can you contribute to any of these discussions? Are there questions being asked where you can provide the answer?

Facebook Groups in Brighton

If you create a high-quality piece of content that responds to these online discussions, then you know that it’s a topic of interest from the outset. Of course, once produced, you can post a link to your content on these groups. Quite often, these topics of conversation are recurring. Be sure to post your link each time you see this happening!

03: Looking for intent, Google Suggest

There’s something called ‘intent’, which essentially means that the person digesting your content was looking for it in the first place, which of course immediately implies that they’re more likely to appreciate and connect with this content. Google Suggest, is a fast and easy, old school way to discover what people are searching for around any given topic. If it’s searched for then immediately, you know that it’s a topic in demand and you can target this topic or at least review the search metrics in more detail (see below, Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends).

Google Suggested Topics

Also, be sure to check out the related searches at the bottom of every search results listing on Google. These are also great ideas for topics that you could potentially target.

Google related search seo

If you’re somebody that loves YouTube, then suggested searches also appear in the search dropdown. Again, this is based on what people are actually searching for so you could certainly consider creating videos for these.

We’re now starting to generate logical content ideas, based on what people are actually looking for. We have now increased our chances of getting a great response to our content and growing our audience.

04: Google Keyword Planner

Google Suggest as great for a quick snapshot, but by using the Google Keyword Planner, you can get a deeper understanding of search volumes and the level of competition for each of those suggestions. A deeper understanding might help you choose one topic over another; however, I tend to use Google Trends for this. See below an example of Content Marketing for Restaurants and Bars in Brighton.

Google Keyword Planner - Bars in Brighton
The Google Keyword Planner

05: Getting Personal

So far we’ve focused on achieving more engagement and growth, but social networks are often used to connect with individual people on a more personal level.

LinkedIn Hospitality

On LinkedIn, you might have a small handful of people you want to attract, or maybe just an individual you want to connect with. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with producing a piece of content with that individual in mind, and making sure, of course, that they see it. We’re now not talking about appealing to the masses. We’re talking about connecting with people on a personal level. A bit more like traditional sales but performed online. It might do nothing to grow your online community, but adding some of this into the mix could result in landing a few more customers.

Bonus Tip: Google Trends

I love playing with this tool to compare the search performance between topics quickly. Produces an easy to understand graph that shows the topic search volumes side-by-side.

Marketing Cocktails Hospitality
Google Trends

See above: If provide content marketing for restaurants and bars then think again before writing an article about your Mojitos! The Margarita is a much better option based on the search volumes!

Other Commonly Used Tools

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere

An extension for chrome brings some of the Google data described above right into your browser whilst you’re searching. Keywords Everywhere is frequently used by content creators.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public

Add any given topic into the search field on the Answer the Public website, and you’ll be presented with a range of questions, from the public, that surrounds this topic. You are now in a position to create content to answers these questions.



Again, installed as a chrome extension, this adds all kinds of metrics into YouTube as you’re browsing it. A great way to understand which topics are performing well and how well existing videos are optimised. In addition to helping you choose the right topic, VidIQ will also help optimise your video during the upload process. This is key, choosing the wrong title and description could prevent your video from succeeding, regardless of how beautifully crafted it is!

It’s worth saying that some of these solutions require payment under subscription. Everything else we’ve covered in this article is completely free, and you can start using them straight away.


  1. Have a look around on Blogs, YouTube and other various social networks to see what content is out there (including groups). How is that topic performing?
  2. What is performing well?
  3. Consider a few content ideas based on this research
  4. Practise looking for intent using the suggest tools and related searches on Google and YouTube
  5. Drill into more detail with the Keyword Planner and Google Trends

Remember, if your topic is not valuable or desirable, then it really doesn’t matter how beautifully it’s been executed. Very few people will engage with your content because it holds no value.  It will be very quickly dropped by the various algorithms and probably will not even reach many people. It probably won’t even be on their radar. So doing a little bit of research could save you a lot of time and energy creating stunning content that’s achieving very little because you chose the wrong topic!

Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels

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