Content Marketing for Hospitality

4 January 2021

24social is a new digital platform designed for the hospitality industry. We’re committed to publishing free content that looks closely at digital marketing for pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. We hope that strong online promotion goes some way to helping a strong recovery in 2021!

Content Marketing for Hospitality

The world is crazy right now, we all know that.

We’re confident that hospitality will come back stronger than ever. Our vision is to help this recovery by providing support and education to venue owners and managers. We increase engagement and therefore bookings through the use of compelling content creation across a range of digital channels, including web, apps and social media.

  • We want to help pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs to get noticed and engage better with potential and existing customers online.
  • We specialise in publishing across multiple channels (web, apps, social) to increase reach and ultimately increase online bookings.
  • We provide free advice on how to do this and can supply tools deliver content and help you understand the customer better, which again increases engagement and conversions.

We have 15 years experience within the hospitality industry.

We are committed to sharing what we’ve learnt during that time to try and create a more buoyant hospitality industry after a difficult year.

  • We want to make you self sufficient and save more on expensive agencies
  • We want to provide the knowledge, support and tools to be discovered and loved by your customers
  • We want people to know how amazing you are and therefore visit your venue more frequently

We want to help you shout about how amazing you are by amplifying your message through digital content, drawing in new customers and increasing their frequency of visit.

Let’s create great content!

Together, let’s be passionate about creating great content, great user experiences, awesome text, images and videos that are published strategically across a range of channels.

A few areas we intend to cover …

Choose the right content topics

  • What are people looking for
  • Provide value
  • Offers and promotions

What content format suits you best

  • YouTube Video
  • Blog Posts
  • How to guides

How to create engaging content

  • Doing the basics well, the importance the practical information
  • Content UX
  • Connect personably
  • How to take amazing photographs (food and venue)
  • How produce a showcase video
  • Seduce someone into clicking the book button
  • Getting food and drink menus right

Optimise your content to be found

  • Get a basic knowledge of SEO

How to promote your content

  • Content roundups
  • Sharing across social
  • Email NewsletterS

Track your the performance of your content

  • Traffic analytics
  • Conversations

Don’t just push general broadcasts

  • Pull too, learn from your audience. Get feedback.
  • Engage with people personably
  • Understand your customer better

Manage your online reputation

Running a good campaign

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